Monday, July 20, 2015

Gold Discovered in Arizona - A Field Guild to Gold, Copper and Gemstones in Arizona

As the dust clears in Arizona, I continue exploring the State's Gold, Base Metal and Gemstone deposits for my next book about Gold in Arizona. As I finish chapters for the book, I will plan to add information on this blog as well as on my GemHunter website and the Gemhunter Facebook page. Hang in there, check in often, and be sure to look over past posts as I update this site. There is considerable gold out there in Arizona and most gold deposits are just sitting waiting for the right person, group or company. And if you can't wait, try reading my books on Gemstones and Gold that will take you by the hand and lead you to your own deposit up north.

And be sure to follow my articles in the Prospecting and Mining Journal as I discuss things like "How to Smell Gold", "Gold in Wyoming", "Gold in Arizona", "Gold in California", "Diamond Deposits" and more. And then there are hundreds of articles I published - many are on the Internet or at the Wyoming Geological Survey Building at the University of Wyoming. Remember, keep on Prospecting.