Monday, July 20, 2015

Gold Discovered in Arizona - A Field Guild to Gold, Copper and Gemstones in Arizona

Author, gemhunter, gold prospector and hall-of-fame geologist stops for the original Big Mac in southeastern Arizona on
 his way to visit some gold mines.
As the dust clears in Arizona, I often head out to explore Gold, Base Metals and Gemstones either on the internet, library or field for my book: Gold in Arizona - A Prospector's Guide, which is slowly taking shape. As I write this sentence (May 26th, 2017), I have more than 300 pages completed in the new book that will lead some lucky prospectors to rich gold deposits. As I finish chapters in the book, I also add brief summaries to my blog and place notes on my GemHunter website and Gemhunter Facebook page. But being a polymath, I seldom stop at that point as I will pick out some interesting items and submit them to the 'ICMJ Prospecting and Mining Journal' for publication. You can find many past articles listed on the Journal's website, but I have to admit, the website is now a bit challenging to navigate.

Check in often to this blogspot and be sure to look over past posts as I update. There is considerable gold in Arizona and most deposits are just sitting waiting for the right person, group or company to dig them out of the ground. If you can't wait, try reading my books on Gemstones and Gold that will take you by the hand and lead you to your own gold or gemstone deposit in the Wyoming Craton.

Visiting a mine at Superior, Arizona. The guy with the nice butt - that's me.
And follow articles in the Prospecting and Mining Journal as I discuss things like "How to Smell Gold", "Gold in Wyoming", "Gold in Arizona", "Gold in California", "Diamond Deposits" and more. If you are feeling up to it, send Scott Harn a note telling him how much you enjoy his magazine - I have a great time writing articles for the ICMJ.

And to keep you extra busy, there are many articles I published in the past  - many can be down-loaded from the Internet, some are found at the Wyoming Geological Survey Book Store at the University of Wyoming, the Wyoming Geological Association Bookstore in Casper, the University of Wyoming bookstore, and some can be found at the library.

Keep on Prospecting!

Wow, is that me on the cover? After finding many giant gemstones in
Wyoming (notably giant iolite and opal gemstones), I made the cover of
my favorite magazine.